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Now that the dust has settled I'd like to thank you on behalf of SBSA for the good job you did for us. Your personal hands-on approach made us feel that you had our best interests at heart, and the result speaks for itself. The mention in Westways brought a much larger out-of-town audience than years past. We really needed your help. Thanks again.

Dorothy Churchill-Johnson Professional Artist, President SB Studio Artists

On the success of the 2015 Labor Day Open Studios tour


“Thank you again for the great work you did on this play. I’m telling people here about all the press that was generated for a play that never opened. They’re amazed that so much attention could be paid to a play that is still being work-shopped! So many thanks for that.”

Yussef ElGuindi, playwright “The Talented Ones” for UCSB’s Launch Pad program

May 2015


"Maureen "Mo" McFadden, (producer and publicist on the film) really did a fantastic job getting the word out about the film and its premiere at the festival, so hats off to her."

Casey McGarry, filmmaker “Grasshopper for Grandpa”   Feb. 5 & 6, 2015

"And still in awe about yesterday. You killed it! What a turnout! Holy Schnikes! "

On the Public Screening at the Marjorie Luke Theatre, March 1, 2015



“….one dynamite PR guru.” 

Peter Bie, producer, former board member at Plaza Playhouse Theater and former news director for the top-ranked FM radio stations in town



“Thank you for all you do for the community and for the arts. Santa Barbara is so lucky to have you!"

Rita Ferri, Santa Barbara County Arts Commissioner

December 2014



“Maureen brings heart and expertise to her work as a public relations representative. She maintained excellent personal connections with the company and with members of the community and press. She puts together excellent opportunities for spreading the word about a project's value and potential for public impact.”


“Thank you for your time, attention, brainstorming, enthusiasm, optimism and efforts in this process of turning a new page – and taking a leap!  Couldn’t have done it without you!”

Christopher Pilafian, Co-Chair, Department of Theater & Dance,

University of California, Santa Barbara  Artistic Director, Santa Barbara Dance Theater

McFadden & McFadden Client since 1993



"You are working very hard Mo and your efforts are greatly appreciated. Thanks for everything and keep up the good work."

Steve Penner, Esq

August 2015

On the Vietnam: PCVF/CCC event



“I have known Mo for many years; actually, all of Santa Barbara knows Mo McFadden. She works tirelessly on behalf of her clients, and garners publicity for them through her talent and sheer doggedness. No one says No to Mo, I like to say. I have worked with Mo as her editor and as a peer in the communications industry. I admire her writing abilities and her connections. This woman produces.”

Barbara Lanz-Mateo

Business Owner at Mateo Communications



“Maureen has a lot experience and thinks out of the box when it comes to promoting your event or film. She is AMAZING with people and has a lot of connections that have grown stronger over the years, which is a testament to who she is. Whenever I hire her, I know I am in good hands.”

Jill Morley  Filmmaker/actor/boxer

Shooting Ninjas Productions



“I worked with Mo on a couple of different projects where she was doing PR for an event and either she or the performers would come on the radio show I was hosting and provide details of the event. She is far ahead of many in the PR industry in that she is always on time, with the correct content, and is personable. She conducts herself in a manner that is both professional and entertaining. I would recommend her for anyone looking for a great PR person.”

Adam Lundquist

CEO at Nerds Do It Better



Your terrific attitude, great network and fabulous sense of humor kept us laughing, learning and top o’ mind in the press!   Thank you for being our on the ground, go-to press guru that contributed to the great success of our first gala.

Anne Swire, CEO & Valerie Sobel, Founder & President, Andre Sobel River of Life Foundation

Re: The Pearl of Havana~A Cuban Fantasy



 “We truly appreciate you being part of the panel. The information and opportunities you provided are truly invaluable –We look forward to working with you in the future.”

The Communications Association of UCSB, 2013




"My firm has used student interns for many years and most of them are culled from this campus organization."

Henri Bristol, Owner East/West Gallery

Calls Mo “Press maven extraordinaire”

Aug 31, 2007 RE: the show “The View From Here.”



Miss Mo,

We got the best promo imaginable. Thank you Mo!

Michael Andrews, Executive Artistic Director, Boxtales Theatre Company, 20th Anniv.  2014



“This has been a trip. Yes? A “WOW” of a trip. Thank you for your incredible dedication to our efforts to re-brand, re-trench, and re-imagine the story. You’ve done an amazing job. My heartfelt thanks to you.”  (NOTE: Got a feature in “American Theatre” magazine on “Appoggiatura” and Launch Pad March 2013)

Risa Brainin, Chair UC Santa Barbara Dept. of Theatre & Dance                                          

Director, Professor and Artistic Director of Launch Pad / Preview of “Appoggiatura” (2013)



“You have given me and my play so much. I told (my partner) that you taught me the value of a good publicist. Your level of engagement was stunning, your participation in hard/important conversations, your knowledge, your good cheer and your willingness and commitment to make this hybrid thing called Launch Pad worth fighting for with the press and the community. 

Most of all I want to thank you for your big open heart.  You took “Appoggiatura” in and helped celebrate it even when it wasn’t sure of itself. Thanks flow from me to you.”  

James Still, Award-winning playwright – author of “Appoggiatura”                      



“All my life I knew that I am a lucky man, beyond all the many times I fell down and all the heartaches I overcame. Being able to live a dearest dream, as this journey through music, and having the luck to receive such a support from "The One and Only Mo," makes me feel blessed.”

Beto de Leon, Producer Corazon Concerts Connection



“What a treat to wake up to this great article!  Thank you, thank you!  And, I must report - my son who is not easily impressed, and was awakened from a sound sleep to read it - gave Colby highest marks for telling their story so entertainingly and well!  DAMN, you're good at your job!!”

Cheri Steinkellner, Writer/Producer    “SB Uncensored” “Cheers”



 “Thanks for all your fantastic work, coverage and support for this Club over all these years.”

Jackie Thompson, UK Polo Website – 

Referring to the Santa Barbara Polo & Racquet Club account I handled for three years (04-06).


“We thank you for working so hard for us throughout the 2004 season – we look forward to make 2005 even better!”

Thomas Narozonic, General Manager Polo Club    



“You did --as usual-- a perfect, simply awesome job.”  Love, Jelinda

Jelinda DeVorzon, Past Board President of SBIFF


“Just wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed the festival this weekend. All the films I saw were wonderful and I thought everything was well organized… a big improvement over last year. So you did great!”

Brian Bemel, Producer of Family events in Ventura Co.           



“Thanks Mo. You are great to work with and I'm sure our paths will cross again soon!”

Steve Binder, Director/Producer  “The T.A.M.I. Show”



“I feel such a debt of gratitude and sense of honor to be surrounded by talented, dedicated and giving friends such as you. Thank you for everything.”

Eddie Tuduri, Founder of The Rhythmic Arts Project


 “Great coverage for a content filled presentation. Thanks for making it happen so professionally. “

Natalie Orfalea, Co-Founder of The Orfalea Fund

Referring to the “S’cool Food Initiative” Public Forums



“Our sincere thanks to you for your great, nice and friendly heart and excellent efforts  ….your hard work during “Welcome to Persia,” dance performance has been sincerely appreciated.” 

Anna Djanbazian, Founder Artistic Director, Djanbazian Dance Company    



“As always, it was great fun and inspirational to pull off another amazing event together!  Thank you so much for your dedication, your hard work – and your loving friendship through it all.”

Patricia Clarke, Executive Director, Santa Barbara Bowl Foundation, 99 – ‘04

Buckaroos at the Bowl; Babes at the Bowl I & II



“The biggest thank you for placing us in WWD (Womens Wear Daily) – You’re the very best!”

Susan Pitcher, Owner of two dress shops in Montecito: Dressed  &  Ready



“I don’t think I could ever thank you enough for promoting The Peony Pavilion. You have worked miracles! Because of your relentless efforts, we’ve got more publicity here in Santa Barbara than anywhere else. Now I think The Peony Pavilion has become an unforgettable chapter in the cultural history of Santa Barbara.”

Kenneth Pai,   Professor Emeritus UCSB Asian Studies  

Devised a nine-hour section called “The Lovers” from the twenty-seven hour Chinese opera “The Peony Pavilion” performed over three nights.



“Thank you for al your support and hard work. You made this festival one of our very best.”

Leslie Zemekis & Terry Nemeroff   Producer/Director “Enfants Terrible”

October, 2006



“Thank you so much for all of your help and taking care of the guys during their time at the film festival. They all love you and after meeting you, I can definitely see why!”

Patti Page  (wife of filmmaker Chris Page “Into the Wind” documentary)



“Spectacular, that’s what you are. You Rock!”

Renee Sotile & Mary Jo Godges (filmmakers “Christa McAuliffe Reach for the Stars”



“Oh, but you are a PR goddess!! We chat all the time about how few good PR people there are, and you are always the gold standard by which others are measured.”

Shannon Kelly Gould SB Independent columnist



“It was a pleasure working with you.  You were always a delight and great person I could always rely on for timely and accurate information.  Muchas gracias.”

Maribel Roldan, KMPR-TV Univision



“Belated but sincere congratulations…it’s nice to see when recognition is bestowed on deserving people.” 

Tim Gray, Editor, Variety   

Referring to my stint as Executive Director at Ojai Film Festival



“You're worth your weight in gold I say.”

Tracy Lehr, KEYT TV Santa Barbara CA  (ABC affiliate)



“Thank you very much for allowing us the opportunity to experience journalism and film first hand. It was an amazing experience to be treated as professional journalists, and we had a wonderful time. This was a valuable experience that we will use in future.”

San Marcos Kings Page Editors, writer, photographer and adviser                        

Kimberly Young, Katelyn Sullivan, Amber Young, Hannah Morand and Cara Gamberdella



“Thank you, Mo, for supporting our student journalists. Covering the film festival last year was one of their best experiences as young reporters.”

Cara Gamberdella, Advisor, The Kings Page, San Marco HS, Santa Barbara



“I have always considered you to be the best publicist in Santa Barbara.  You are always on track and know your craft so well.”

Shirley Waggoner, former writer for SB News Press       



Declared   “PR Person of the Year – Mo McFadden”  2006

Jim Sirianni, host of “A Round of Applause” radio show      



“Thank you so much for all your help with getting the interviews. You always think of us, and we do appreciate that. I always enjoy working with you and your people. I look forward to continuing to do so in the future.”

Brett Johnson, general features writer, Ventura County Star  



“We ALL have the amazing Mo to thank for her great ability to connect good women!   

Elizabeth Stewart, host of “Art & Antiques” radio show on KZSB-AM



“I wish I could convey my full appreciation for all the good things you have done and said to me that I have learned and utilized in my life and work. You are one of those rare people who not only have wisdom but are willing to share it and help others (like me) along the way.”

Sam Geli, VNHC, October 2012


On the power of my PR for a brand new documentary “Crazy Art” at the 650-seat Lobero Theatre in comparison with the other high-profile & celebrity driven events at that venue:


Subject:  Viewers for Crazy Art, Feb 10, Lobero


The total number of viewers was 468. Of those, 37 were pass holders, four press and the rest either mini-pak holders or single tickets.


To give you some perspective, your total was more than we drew for:

  1. The Writers Panel

  2. Quentin Tarantino Presents "Posse" with Q&A with Kirk Douglas

  3. The Chopin Virtuosos Tribute

  4. "The Hurt Locker" followed by the "Celebration of Kathryn Bigelow" Tribute

  5. "The Cove" followed by the "David Attenborough Award for Nature Filmmaking"

  6. The Producers Panel

  7. The Women's Panel

  8. "South of the Border" followed by Q&A with Oliver Stone.


So far, only the Directors Panel and the Cinema Vanguard Tribute have out drawn "Crazy Art" at the Lobero.

Rick, Lobero Theatre Volunteer Co-Manager

Santa Barbara International Film Festival  2010

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